Pasadena Rugby Football Club

Est. 1971

2013 City of Hope Picnic

On June 1, 2013, Pasadena RFC volunteered at City of Hope’s pediatric cancer survivor’s picnic. Approximately 30 players arrived at City of Hope at 6 a.m. to help staff and faculty set up for the 17th annual pediatric picnic in Duarte, California. The special celebration of life event was attended by City of Hope’s youngest cancer patients and survivors, plus their families. The players moved tables, set up prize booths and carnival-style games, moved palates of drinks, set up tents and most importantly made people laugh during the morning hours.

2013 City of Hope Picnic

“The Pasadena Rugby team were amazing and very helpful.”
Jennifer Werner, MSHSA, Business Manager, Department of Pediatrics and Department of Medical Specialists, City of Hope

“OMG… they saved the day! I love them…they are welcome to help anytime they want.”
Tami S. Case, MA, Business Director, Department of Pediatrics and Department of Medical Specialists, City of Hope

“We really appreciate the team coming together right after completing such a successful season, to volunteer their time so early in the morning on a Saturday. They were so extremely helpful, polite, funny and a joy to work with. At one point I commented to them that I could tell they were a really close team, by the way they communicated and worked on setting up projects together. Thank you again to the entire team and their families for coming and supporting the City of Hope Pediatric Picnic.”
Sae Jin Lambert, Event Associate, Events and Visitor Services, Philanthropy and External Relations, City of Hope

“I was very appreciative that the guys came out to volunteer. They made me laugh especially when they were dancing on the dance floor in the early morning hours. I heard throughout the picnic from other volunteers that they wanted me to thank the team for their help. During the picnic (when I was able to take a breather) I reflected on the fact that they are very much a part of my family. I am very proud to say I am part of Pasadena Rugby not as a player but as a player’s wife.”
Gloria Preciado

2013 City of Hope Picnic