Pasadena Rugby Football Club

Est. 1971

Club Crest & Logos

The Formal Club Crest was adopted in 2013. The significant elements represent the foundations of Pasadena RFC.

PRFC Club CrestThe Warlords were a Pasadena based team who merged with Crown City Rugby to form Pasadena RFC

The Crown represents the original Crown City Rugby Club who merged with the Warlords to form Pasadena RFC

The Griffin represents our membership in the Southern California Rugby Football Union

The Black Rose is the symbol of Pasadena rugby

The Lotus Blossom is tribute to our founder Kei Takarabe

The Majors are the first known rugby team in Pasadena

Latin Motto: Bleed with Friends, Drink with Enemies

PRFC Black RoseThe Black Rose has been the symbol of common use to represent Pasadena RFC since the 1990s

Pasadena PythonsThe Pythons were adopted as the Mascot for the Youth Program in 2013

Pasadena OWLSThe OWLS are Pasadena RFC Old Boys, the bloodied but unbowed, the twice-a-year warriors (OWLS vs. Warlords match, Catalina Rugby Festival), the sidelines, the financial support, the 12oz weight-lifters, the storytellers, the wise, the treacherous…